Why Crochet?

What sets Crochet apart in the world of art and creativity!

It’s great to finally have this website up so I can start sharing my knowledge about my favorite thing to do…CROCHET!

What Is Crochet? How Is It Different From Knitting??

When I think of knitting I imagine sweaters, hats, scarves, socks…all things you can find in stores nowadays. It is possible to machine replicate knitting because of the way knitting is done by moving yarn through the needles over and under. Because it is much easier to find a knitted hat in the stores…everywhere I find it less appealing.

What You Need and How It's done?

Knitting uses yarn and 2 narrow sticks called needles. Crochet uses yarn and one hook.

I think my main issue with knitting is that you have to keep all your loops on the knitting needles and any pet or child having fun with your knitting project while you aren’t looking can instantly remove all your loops or some of them and it can be very frustrating.

Crochet is worked one stitch at a time, one loop at a time on your hook. If someone or something grabs your project and runs down the hall, the most you have to do is redo the last few stitches! You don’t like the way your last stitch looked? Unravel it and do it again.

How Long do Projects Take?

Crochet projects can take anywhere from 30 seconds to months to complete. I think everyone can agree crochet works up faster! Much faster in many cases! Because you can do long stitches in crochet, a blanket can be done in a tenth the time.

You can make anything with crochet. Here are some of my favorites!

Do You Need Any Skills to Start?

Crochet is not like painting or drawing which may take months of practice to hone your skills. Within a project or 2 you should be creating things you are proud of! You can start anywhere as well. My first crochet project was a hat which was a video tutorial online. It wasn’t perfect but it was a hat in the end and I was very excited!

You can make anything with crochet. Here are some of my favorites!

Where is a good place to Start?

First check out my New Crocheter’s Resource! I have a how to Crochet Video and short clips of how to do each stitch. Also check out my Video Tutorials page where I post how to-s step by step. I get crochet inspiration from everywhere! I hope some of these pictures inspire you to try out crochet!


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