How To Read Symbol Patterns!

Learn to read patterns and get access to patterns from all over the world!

There is nothing more confusing than a badly written crochet pattern! I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say most crochet designers are not English majors. We try…but having a symbol pattern to back up the pattern visually is a much better way to get the steps across!

Why Symbol Patterns?

If you have tried any of my patterns you would know I love symbol patterns! Yes I write all the steps in words but I always have some symbol patterns in as well. Whenever I teach crochet I teach symbol pattern reading at the same time because I strongly believe it is less confusing. It’s like someone telling you how to get to Chicago compared to looking at it on google maps!

Now what about asking a Chinese person how to get to Hong Kong, China?? You would really want a map then wouldn’t you!??

Here is why! The Crochet Symbols are all the same no matter what language the pattern is written in! A single crochet is represented as a “+”. A chain is a “0”. It’s that straight forward!

Where Do I Find Symbol Patterns?

Symbol patterns are everywhere. Just type crochet symbol pattern online in Pinterest or google images and you will find a million different patterns, most of them not in English! If you watched my video tutorial How to Crochet Flowers, you would have gotten a little experience with reading symbol patterns because each flower had a pattern with it.

Teach me how!?

This video tutorial is going to show you how to do 3 different little projects step by step.

The Symbols

Here is a quick reference for the symbols. I don’t have a lot of symbols because I think it’s a lot better to learn the basic symbols and know how to figure out the more complicated ones instead of memorizing them. I do show a couple of the more “complicated” stitches like 2 double crochet (which is literally just 2 double crochet…If you look at the symbol you can figure that out right…if there were 3 of them connected at the bottom it would mean 3 double crochet…5…5 double crochet…don’t memorize all these complicated ones!)

I also show the FPDc and the FPHdc. They are exactly the same except for the cross for the FPDc….That’s because the Dc has a cross in it. You can figure out what a FPSc would look like right?? A plus sign with a hook in the bottom! Save this picture and print it out so you can look stitches up as you need them!


The 3 Projects

I picked symbol patterns from different websites with different languages so you know I wasn’t cheating! I crocheted them for the first time in the video. After you try it out step by step with me in my video tutorial, you will see how easy it is to understand!

This is the heading

The Flower Motif is done in the round and is a great first step to get used to seeing the repetition that creates the flower.
You start in the center and work your way out round by round!

Openwork Stitch

This openwork stitch is from a Russian book. The pattern is written out in Russian but the symbol pattern is all you need to create this stitch!


This is a more complicated type of symbol pattern. It is worked in the round and row by row. This would be difficult to describe how to create but look how similar the symbol pattern looks to what the finished penguin looks like!

Video Tutorial!

Time Stamps

2:15 Symbols and Legends
4:12 Flower Coaster Motif
4:33 Round 1
7:46 Round 2
9:56 Round 3

14:30 Row by Row Openwork Stitch
14:56 Row 1
17:44 Row 2
20:28 Row 3
23:16 Row 4
26:14 Row 5
28:50 Row 6
30:57 Row 7
33:42 Row 8
35:19 Row 9
36.31 Row 10

38:40 The Complicated Penguin
39:18 Part 1
43.57 Part 2
45:28 Part 3
47:38 Part 4
51:58 Part 5
55:04 Part 6
56:36 Part 7
58:39 End Remarks

I hope you liked my video tutorial! Let me know what you think in the comments below! I read them!

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