How To Crochet?

Everything You need to know to go from beginner to intermediate crocheting

Learning Crochet from a book is more than challenging, it’s nearly impossible in my opinion! 

Don’t get me wrong, learning how to do certain stitches and patterns from a book after you have mastered the basics is great but the first time you pick up a hook and yarn and have no idea what you are doing…you better be watching someone do it. Like many people, when I wanted to learn to crochet, I picked up a “How to Crochet kit” with a few hooks, yarn, and a book. I spent about 3 weeks of and on trying to figure out how to do a starting not from the pictures in the book! It was awful! Luckily I decided to search on youtube and I picked it up in a minute and was anxious to keep learning!  Here I am now giving back to the youtube crochet community! 

Below I’ve posted the video tutorial “How to Crochet” for Complete beginners because there is no better way to learn something than to watch someone else do it! I also have a New Crocheter’s Guide post so check that out!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

"How to crochet" video tutorial Overview

Time Stamps in Video for the Different Topics Covered->

0:56 Picking Hooks and Yarn
4:20 How to Slip Knot
6:14 How to Chain (Chain)
9:16 Single Crochet (Sc)
12:07 Half Double Crochet (HDc)
14:42 Double Crochet (Dc)
17:18 Triple Crochet (Tc)
20:41 Working in the Round
21:17 How to Magic Circle (Adjustable Knot)
24:26 Slip Stitch (Sl St)
28:47 How to use stitch markers
36:08 How to sew in ends
38:11 How to Attach New Yarn End
41:23 How to Change Color
42:54 How the Different Stitch Height Creates Shapes

My recommendations for beginner crocheters for Yarn and Hooks and how to know what to buy.
<-Get a ball of 4 ply cotton yarn and a 5 mm hook or set of hooks

Anytime you start a crochet project you need to start with a knot. The video covers how to do a slip knot and Magic Circle

Chain (Ch), Single Crochet (Sc), Half Double Crochet (HDc), Double Crochet (Dc), Triple Crochet (Tc), Slip Stitch (Sl St)

Almost all projects are worked in the round like a coaster or hat, or row by row like a scarf. Learn basic stitches while practicing them by making a square and a circle.

What to do when you run out of yarn but you aren’t done with your project? I show a couple methods of how to attach a new strand of yarn.

2 Methods of how to change color.

As well as recommendations on needles. 

I do a basic overview of how different stitches height can be used to create shapes like waves and flowers.

I hope you liked my video tutorial! Let me know what you think in the comments below. I read them! Spread the word and don’t forget to follow crochelina on your favorite social media so you don’t miss anything!

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