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*~Crochet with Caroline~*

Hi I’m Caroline! I love Crochet! It’s my yoga.  

Nothing relaxes me more or makes me feel more empowered than creating with my hook and yarn! It’s something I want to share with everyone. The idea that you can create anything you can imagine, you don’t have to buy it and settle is amazing. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge~

My other interests include nutrition and whole foods fast cooking without processed sugar. I create my own desserts for my family without sugar with all natural ingredients that are wholesome and nutritious.

I also have a mini farm at my home where I grow a lot of the vegetables we eat all year round.

I do a lot of hybrid crafts like incorporating sewing with my crochet as well as bead work and whatever else I’m trying at the moment.

I have a thirst for knowledge so I’m always trying out and learning new things! There is no craft I won’t try at least once!

What Crochelina has to offer!

Join me on a video adventure expanding your knowledge of crochet!

Video Tutorials

For me, there is no better way to learn something then watching someone else do it! I absolutely love learning and trying new things and I always go straight to youtube! So when I decided I wanted to share my passion for crochet, it was a no brainer, youtube all the way!

My videos focus on teaching thoroughly so you gain confidence in your work! I start at the beginning with a basic “how to crochet” video tutorial and then you are ready to follow along with me!  I encourage learning visually through reading symbol patterns I try to keep my tutorials clear, detailed, and with a theme that explores a certain stitch or construction. 

Clear fun unique patterns that help teach new techniques!

Patterns and Shop

I like to structure my pattern collections around a theme that explores a certain stitch or type of crochet. I try to share techniques and patterns that  show many ways to use that stitch so you can come up with your own design.

My first collection is the Flower Power collection where you will see many different ways to use flowers in crochet. Go beyond the flat flowers used to spruce up a hat or scarf. Use connected flowers to make hats, backpacks, table runners, flower bouquets, animals and much more.

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